The Easter Bunny finally comes to Cairo :)

Blankee decided he was in charge of being the Easter Bunny this year as he was tired of the Easter Bunny not turning up for the past 5 years, and he used the molds from the wiggly fingers visit to Hobby Craft back in February to help him :)

We decided although this is a food related post it was still considered crafty and not entirely foodie due to the molds used so therefore is allowed!

Sweet supplies:
 Pastry brush, copious amounts of cadbury's and galaxy chocolate (500g) and molds.

Next: Blankee broke all the chocolate and melted the chocolate so it was of a nice runny consistency and painted the molds, then he placed the molds in the fridge to set for roughly 10 mins and brushed the eggs again. (He did this 5 times in total)

Then: Blankee not being one to sit around wasting time moved onto the creme eggs whilst the big eggs were setting...mmmm! He got the recipe from Hoiski Poiski and the instructables found here:

He only followed it for the fondant and used goldern syrup rather than corn syrup which ended up being very yummy indeed. He used the mini molds and coated these in chocolate and then piped in the fondant and placed in the freezer to set for around 10 minutes.

When the chocolate was nice and firm he then popped the chocolate carefully out of the molds and 'glued' the creme egg halfs together guessed it more chocolate :) and placed some inside the larger eggs and glued these tofether too.

Finally: All that was left for this Easter Blankee bunny to do was to wrap up his creations with good old tin foil

 Blankee says he will be taking orders for next year should the need arise.

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