Baby Clothes Bouquet :)

After our trip up t'north to various little places i have finally got round to uploading the picture of the amazing baby bouquet we saw. Yes it looks so awesome, so naturally for the only evening i spent in the valleys i had to make my version for my new niece Emilia :)

I am a little sad i did not have my resources or enough time to make it as i really wanted it to look. Note for next time - must make sure there is something sturdy acting as the stem to hold the bouquet up and also strong wrapping of the clothes needed to ensure it doesn't fall apart. However, that said here is how mine looked:

 I actually wrapped the babygrows and muslin up with hair bobbles.

And used contrasting pink tissue paper to create the overall 'flower' appearance.

Giving of the gift, i'm just glad it stayed in one piece!

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