Wiggly Fingers; Warm Hands

Aaaages ago a very lovely lady gave me a huge bag of wheat and told me to do something with it. I've wanted to make a wheat neck cushion for months and still haven't - but I did make handwarmers in the shape of little russian dolls!

They're made out of felt and were really easy to make once I sorted out a template. I printed a few pictures of matryoshka dolls from google images and then just decided to make my own. With the first completed pair (the green and blue ones) I machine stitched the pieces onto the body and whip-stitched around the edge but for the pink ones I completely hand stitched them and it looked a lot nicer. The flowers are pre-made ones from stampin' up that I'm very happy to have found a use for because I think they're really cute!

I made a little pouch for the wheat out of some old cotton fabric and slipped it inside. The back of the dolls folds over so that the wheat bag can be taken out but I don't think it's really going to do any harm just staying in there. They go in the microwave for 30 seconds and stay warm for about 20 minutes in a pocket :D.

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