The Primarrrrrrk Couture Collection :P

Ok so my pri of the mark varitety special jumper got the chop and we both know everyone owns at least one of those bad boys...huh hmm or two!

So as i've been into the waterfall cardigans my jumpers have been left in the wardrobe. I decided to be brave got out my scissors and just chop away. I should have really taken pictures of the actual jumper beforehand but you get the idea with this one:

Before, normal boring jumper:
OK, so first off was the sleeves and then I sewed round the shortened arm holes. I took another top I had and used it as a guide for how much of the sleeve I wanted to leave (as I wasn't following anything but my head)

Then to make all the flower detail I used the sleeve material I had just chopped off. For the long strands I used the cuffs cut into strips and loosely placed back on the jumper as they had a nice ribbed detail and for the flowers I cut strips of the arm material and wound them round into a circle and hand tacked them into a flowerish shape.

Then I layed all the flowers and strands over the jumper and arranged into place until I was happy and hand sewed it all into place.
Closer inspection of my flower / strands :) I was surprised how little time this actually took.

I have worn my new jumper once and it actually feels like a new piece of clothing which seems odd to me! So this inspired me to continue and revamp one of my skirts.

So again another disused piece of clothing, which was a really long browny beige skirt. First thing, I chopped the skirt to knee length which instantly made it look 100% better. Then I took one of Dan's shirts, shhh still don't think he's realised it's missing and sewed a massive strip 2" long to fit around the whole bottom on the skirt, to hang slightly below the brown skirt material and machine stitched this on. I probably should have pinned everything but that would have taken time and just held it steady.
 Next using the cuffs again (like the jumper)  I made the same type of flowers and then took a couple of rectangles of material on which I zig zagged over the top to make some kind of design on the front of the skirt:
I should have ironed it for the picture but we both know i'm not really into that!! And the final article ready for Blankee's inspection.......

Watch out Primarrrrrrk- the couture range is on its way!

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