Fabric Jewellery

I made these as a present for my friend's birthday a few days ago. I was really happy with the bracelets but the necklace looked a little better when it was still in my head. To make the red bracelets I cut strips of fabric (about 2cms wide) and wrapped them around until everything was covered and then coated them in fabric glue to stop the edges fraying. For the white bracelet it wrapped white ribbon around and used a dot of hot glue to keep it in place and to attach the little green bow.
I got the idea for the necklace over at http://www.rufflesandstuff.com/search?q=necklace, although those ones look a lot prettier than mine. To make it I took a piece of white ribbon (about half a metre) and threaded the beads on to it, folding the ribbon to create the ruffles and then attached it to the chain. I made the flower by cutting three circles the same size and ruffling them in the middle, then sewing on a button to make the centre.

The card was made with the same fabric as the bracelets and necklace. I made it by machine sewing the fabric onto a folded piece of cardstock around the edge and across the ribbon and then trimming the edges. I then layered and glued pre-cut card flowers on and added the button.
-- Pretty simple but I wish I'd had Blankee's expertise to help x

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