I now understand why there are so many blogs about kids clothes. They're just so satisfying to make! They're small so you don't need much fabric; they don't have to be fitted perfectly; and they can be awesome bright colours. I've whipped up three pairs of shorts for the small fry this week and he looks so cute in them (even if he was embarrassed when I suggested he wears them for non-uniform day)! I've felt more confident after each pair so started playing about with pockets. These patches were stitched on the front of the basic shorts, with bias tape around the top edge to make it more sturdy and slightly more like a pocket.

I've also been trying to find uses for all the school polo shirts that we're acquired over the past few years that no longer fit. This is one with the collar chopped off and brown ribbed jersey added around the bottom and sleeves. Hmm. Definitely a work in progress with the t-shirt.

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