Soft Reversible Boxes

OK so crafting and blogging my creation all in one evening! Pressure from the other wiggly fingers and Hoiski Poiski has resulted in some rather awesome reversible boxes. (Please excuse picture quality, direct from my ipod)

I am going to be creating these in different sizes so i'll end up with a set of 3 in each colour but will make the others later. OK so how did I make these bad boys?

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So firstly I took an old top and of course some of the left over material I had from the chairs in the lounge, incredible how far that stuff is lasting - talk about fabric consistency throughout the apartment!

And then I cut them into rectangles (10" by 13") the next ones I make will be larger so I can store more things in them. (20" by 26")

I used the flowery top as the lining and the beige as the exterior.

You can guess who helped cut these out.
Next I folded each rectangle in half, with right sides facing and stitched down both sides, with a 1/2" allowance. Then I pressed open each seam and measured approx 4 1/2" on the corner (this helped form the bottom of the box) and sewed across and cut off the corners.

However, on the lining box I left a gap on one of the sides of approx 1" to be able to pull all the fabric through on completion on the boxes. 

 Next I turned the lining right side out and placed this inside the exterior box (so right sides are together) and pinned both pieces of fabric together making sure to line up the seams. Then I sewed 1/2" all the way around the top and pulled the whole box through the little hole like so...

And then voila...just experimented with which way round I wanted the material, I think my favourite is the beige and you can just see a hint of the lining inside rather than fully folded over as a cuff.

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