T-shirt Bag

Howdy Wiggly Fingees, Just a quick one today to show you another bag that I made out of an old t-shirt. It was a long sleeved children's T (age 4-5 I think). I cut the shirt along the sides so that I had the largest rectangle possible and then stitched a simple seam the edges and hemmed the top. The strap is made from the sleeves (stretch the fabric out before you measure the length of the strap otherwise it'll be reeeeaaally long!). I folded the edges over and sewed a straight line to make it neat and then stitched it onto the sides of the bag with an X shape. And here it is being shown by my handsome model...

Ooh, and he's also wearing the first pair of shorts that I made him (before I got all fancy with the pockets!).

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